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  • Ronozim Multigreyn (enzyme)
Ronozim Multigreyn (enzyme)
  • Ronozim Multigreyn (enzyme)

Ronozim Multigreyn (enzyme)

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420 UAH
Wholesale: 420 UAH from 20 kg.
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

askhoda on forages can be lowered at addition of enzymes which increase digestibility, as a result the bird receives more nutrients with the same quantity of a forage.

 RONOZIM® Multigreyn strengthens use of various power sources.

The used independently or in specially developed combinations, fodder RONOZIM®sluzhat enzymes addition to effect of natural digestive enzymes of an organism of a bird with the purpose to increase efficiency of use of a forage and its digestibility.

Ronozim Multigreyn is enzyme replacement Roksazim G2G.

Properties. Promotes splitting of polysaccharides, reduces viscosity of a forage, improves digestion of nutrients.


  • endo-1,4-?-Ksilanaza,
  • endo-1,4-? – glyukanaza
  • endo-1,3 (4)-? – glyukanaza

 Multigreyn (GT) in different types of forages allows to use it РОНОЗИМ® (pshenichno – barley, barley with addition of cakes and cakes) and at change of structure of a diet (±15%) excludes need of change of enzyme.

Besides, it contains a large amount of various additional activities, for example, such as ferulovy acid, esteraza and arabinofuranozidaza , etc. They help "to open" a wall of a cell of cellulose that strengthens action of the main activities.

RONOZIM® Multigreyn (GT) is delivered in the form of the microgranules covered with a protective mineral cover (GT in the name of medicine means Granulated Thermostable — thermostable granulate).

Thereof RONOZIM® enzyme Multigreyn (GT):

– does not lose activity at granulation since the cover protects them from influence of temperature and steam (to +95 °C at the exit) -

– it is stable as a part of premixes, forages and concentrates -

– it is not stratified in the course of storage and transportation of premixes and forages -

– keeps activity at storage up to 18 months -

– does not raise dust, does not cause an allergy, it is evenly distributed in a stern, does not form lumps.

Thanks to a mineral cover of microgranules, easily soluble in digestive tract of animals, enzyme without change gets into a stomach and thin department of intestines where there is its interaction to forage cellulose. 

Norm of input:
50? 200 gr/ton a stern for laying hens 
50? 200 gr/ton a stern for broilers
50? 200 gr/ton a stern for turkey-cocks
50? 200 gr/ton a forage stern for pigs

Packing - bags on 20 kg.

In more detail:
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  • Ts_na:350 UAH/kg
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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